Wynton Marsalis: When I Joined Art Blakey's Band

I thought he sounded pretty good. :) Wynton, Branford and my Harmony I teacher from Berklee, Bill Pierce were the horn section. They all were great and Art was awesome.

This was probably around 82 or 83.



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It similarly tripped me out to read Jeff Watts mentioning that he had only been playing jazz for a couple of years when he started making records with the Marsalises. But I feel like that's the way it's supposed to be-- you're supposed to be thrust into the professional world semi-prepared. I think this current deal with people (myself included) doing massive amounts of studying is just a result of there not being much employment, so there's nothing else to do. It would be a lot better for everyone just to be playing.

Scott K Fish

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I, too, thought Wynton sounded good with Art Blakey. I wish the two (three?) albums that band recorded at Keystone Korner were available on MP3.

Best, skf