Wuhan is legit...

mike d

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I was looking at cymbals online and musicians friend had a Wuhan 14" thin crash - B20 for $49. I thought, "I've got nice 10" HHX Evo splash, 16" and 18" HHX Evo crashes, and 18" and 20" AAX Aero crashes. For the price, I'm going to give this thing a try, and see how it fits. I've been playing it for a couple weeks now, and I'm really impressed and happy. It really blends with, and fits the sonic properties of my HHX Evos perfectly. It really sounds like I added a 14" Evo to my collection of Evo crashes. If I was on a budget, I would definitely consider an entire set of B20 Wuhan. (BTW: Wuhan didn't pay me to say this. In fact, no one pays me to endorse anything, because I play for the simple enjoyment of playing).


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I've heard a full set of Wuhans, they weren't too bad at all, in fact they sounded pretty good.


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I'm a fan of Wuhan splash cymbals. I have a couple 10's and a couple 8's. They are so low priced that I bash away on them.

I had a 16" and an 18" crash. I didn't care for them. I sold the 16" and still have the 18" which no one wants. Way too trashy for me. I have several HHX Evos, I'd personally never put Wuhans in the same league. If I were on a budget I'd go for XS20s over Wuhans.


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Wuhans by nature have a lot of variation to them,some of them sound quite oriental in their tonality,some sound trashy and dark like a Turkish style cymbal
and some can be a little brighter like a Zil A.Sometimes you can luck up and find a great one,like it looks like you did.


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I have a Wuhan 12" Slash that surprisingly has lasted me 11 years. Its great, I love the slightly trashy sound of it.

I've also played on a lot of Wuhan S-Series in college, circa 2005-2006, and they were also pretty decent.


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Glad you like the Wuhan. In general, I'd prefer to hear Wuhans than most other budget cymbals. You can get a lemon because of the variability, but they are usually fine.

It's kind of an aside, but I am not the fan of XS20s that most people seem to be.

mike d

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Actually, the 14" thin crash I picked up isn't really trashy, at least no more so than my Evo's. I think if had purchased this as a 14" Evo, I would have been completely satisfied with the sound. I have lot's of cymbals, and I might not have the most discerning ear, but I definitely have more expensive cymbals that I have eliminated from my kit because they didn't fit with the Evo's or just didn't sound good. Maybe I just got lucky though. ;)


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quite a few yr. ago, my son got a free 16" western style crash with his China. It sounded good to me, not very trashy at all. He cracked pretty quick. He was going through cym. like crazy back then. I remember being pretty impressed with it.


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I like Kasza myself.. but haven't tried to wuhan, only mentioning it cause they are made in the same foundry (before the separate companies take them to do their magic) But.. B20 hats for $113 shipped.. i have been super happy with them :)


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As I've mentioned a couple times on here before, I have a 16" Wuhan New Traditional that I used in a hi hat pair, but it also sounds great as a crash. It's paper thin and has a full, dark trashy sound. I've also briefly owned an 18" crash/ride and a 14" crash. The 18" I bought on a whim, and it sounded really nice--trashy but surprisingly higher pitched for an 18"--but I ultimately sold it along with some other stuff I didn't use much.

The 14" crash sounded great and really full for its size, but I bought it to use as a hi hat top. It would have worked nicely except that it was something like 13.5"-13.75" instead of 14". So there's the consistency issue.

I wouldn't rate Wuhan any lower in quality than its competitors. It's just a different sound. And the price is unbeatable. I think they only lack in selection.