Wuhan 18" Crash?


Does anyone here own/has used Wuhans New Traditional 18" C/R?

I own the 14" and 16" crashes, along with an 8" splash and 16" china. They are unique cymbals and are good for the price. I'm looking to later on expand with an 18" crash.

My two options are:
1) The 18" C/R (from what I've heard, its better used soley as a crash as I intend to do)
2) Wuhan also makes an 18" Med-Thin crash.

The cymbals are thin so an even thinner one concerns me. But im not a hard hitter at all, so it should be fine. However, I've heard both are trashy cymbals. I'm not a huge fan of trashy cymbals, but playing the cymbal will break it in and some moongel will help too. So it pretty much narrows it down to the sound. Which one will sound less trashy? If anyone has used either of them, id like to hear your opinion.


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I have the NT 14 inch hats and the 18 inch crash ride. Bought them online and didnt try them first but they are amazing for me. I set them up with my 22in Zildjian medium ride from the 70's and was shocked. the cymbal sounds I had idealized in my head but had never been able to find exactly were coming out of my kit!!! Highly recommend the crash ride, it's an amazing crash cymbal and a great jazz ride if you can muster a light enough touch. As with all handmade cymbals there is variation from cymbal to cymbal but I couldn't be happier with these and they are cheaper than the ZXT's I had been using since a friend of mine borrowed and destroyed my other crash and hats(punk show in college, shouldnt loaned them but eh, live and learn). In my opinion you cant go wrong with these, for the first time I'm not sorry that i didnt stick with Zildjians. Heck I'm considering getting another set of wuhan's seeing as they sound so good and if I wanted Zildjians that sounded as good I would have to pay an arm, a leg, and an internal organ.