Wow! Way to go MD!


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I had Drumhead from the beginning. I used to love Drivers interviews, but then he seemed to get bored, so I quit my subscription . Now it's online or I don't see it.


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This happened after Ron died. Once this started, I immediately noticed, and looking back, it was all downhill from there. Really, when you get down to it, MD died with Ron. The magazine that continued was a pale imitation of a once great magazine. Ron would be very unhappy with what MD has become.
100% true. It took a few years to really bottom out but it was definitely around that time it started getting very vanilla.


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Like virtually all printed media, it's become impossible to keep up with online content which is dynamic, interactive, offers audio and video content, is immediate in terms of content, and is largely free. Reading a screen isn't really the same as reading and holding a printed page, but people (for the most part) have adapted to and accepted it as a way to get information.

I'm surprised MD has stayed in print this long. I don't know if/what they charge for their online version, but without the burden of printing and mailing physical magazine, they could keep 'subscription' costs way down to make them attractive. In the end, I doubt they'd lose any profits. If they really pushed exclusive multimedia, they would probably grow their subscriber base (which keeps MD viable for the advertisers that help support the magazine.)

Although I don't subscribe and rarely buy a physical copy, I would pay $2-3/mo for online access to exclusive content.

Unfortunately, their online/digital presence sucks. Their page is tricky to navigate, and some things are only on there for a short time. I have a subscription and I am thoroughly disappointed with their online offerings. Not worth the money, in my opinion.