Wow - trad grip still works!


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I switched to matched grip about 30 years ago.. After learning and playing trad grip since I was 12! So the other night i'm learning a rock opera from the early 70s... and I tried copping the feel using trad grip. I was amazed that it felt as comfortable and fluid - like i never stopped using it for 30 years!

Defintely gives me super fine control for ghost notes and dynamics. One thing Ive never been able to totally replicate with matched (using the 2nd finger fulcrum) is the super smooth 'whip cream roll' -i usually have to lean on my first finger of my left hand to get that sound (like a matched german grip ) .The only down side and the reason i went matched decades ago was for power and symmetry - from playing in rock bands with total abandonment.. I found in those situations my left finger just took a beating..but for situations requiring a light touch or finesse - or certain kind of feel - i'm bringing back my trad grip!
.. And the thing that amazes me - it never went away - its been in my back pocket the whole time! Thats some kind of muscle memory !
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Wow Moxman when I started at 8 it was traditional but years later when I started back again-(which I've been back over 20 years now) I switched to match-mainly because of power. I can still do traditional but no power at all so I went matched-probably should have just worked on my traditional in hindsight (because traditional does seem to have a lot of fine finesse and dexterity that comes more natural than matched personally). That is some kind of muscle memory.


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I also find that there is something about the left-hand fulcrum in traditional grip that lends itself to subtlety. I play 95% matched for music with backbeats, but grace notes are so effortless with the hand under the stick and rebound strokes are so natural with the stick wedged back in the pocket of the thumb. It seems to make up for the inherent clumsiness of the weaker limb for me.


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Wow good for you man. I started out on trad for my first 5 years of drumming. I can barely do it now. It never felt right to me.


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I was using it tonight and started slipping in those lttle left hand buzz rolls that come up on the beat..or accemt. Id either forgotten about that kind of lick .totally effortless and smooth..kind of a short whip cream roll mixed into a left hand rythmn.. I just donT get that kind of sound with matched grip. This is so much fun! Whats old really is new again.


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I´ve been playing matched ever since starting again four years ago, but trad still feels pretty natural.
The only problem is that I play my snare completely level - that works well with matched grip, but trad sounds and feels a bit off because the stick is hitting the head at a much steeper angle. Maybe I´ll experiment with tilting the snare again - I sort of miss trad grip, especially when playing brushes.