Would Ludwig ATLAS BD anchor spurs work on a converted floor tom?

Salty Dog

Senior Member
I'm really liking this set-up that I put together so much that I was thinking it might be time to put some bass drum spurs on the converted floor tom. I love the ATLAS gear and I use them pretty well on my kit so I was wondering if any of you dared to install ATLAS BD anchor spurs on a FT? If it works I will definitely do it but I have a feeling that the spurs might not be long enough to pull it off. Any thoughts? thx


no talent

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spurs are only one part of the conversion. you need a bass drum hoop, and all the anchoring hardware for it, to attach the pedal to, or some kind lift which incorporates a flat area for the pedal to bite onto. I like the Atlas line of hardware, You may be able to make some custom spurs that attach to atlas tom mounts?