Would leaving your snare wires on for extended periods cause a snare to go out of round?


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Helo, everyone. I know that I searched, and found a thread about leaving snares on for a period of time, but I wanted to know if leaving them on would put the shell out of round? Just between the top and bottom heads putting the stress on, and then the strainer and snare wires pulling across the shell, it just seemed to me that leaving them on would cause such a thing. Has anyone ever experienced it? Im kind of paranoid about it, so if Im leaving my jam room, I will turn my snares off on my main and my side snare, and on my extra snare. Discuss please.


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You have a rim surrounding the drum on the top and bottom of the snare that surely would counteract any pressure put on by the snares. And I would say if they were doing damage they are way too tight. My answer would be no, not a cuase.


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The shell isn't likely to flex, but the wires would stretch under the tension that some players like. For that reason, I'd flip the wires off so they stay 'fresh'. A set of wires should last a long time. I've got several drums from the '60s & '70s with their original wires.



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I always "release" my snares when the drum is being stored or not being played. This helps extend the life of the wires and of the starps/strings that are holding them to the strainer. Most bent shells would flex outward if anything. That wood grew in a more or less straight line. Being bent in a circle creates tension in the wood. Having the snares on shouldn't pull the shell out of round at all. I've got an old Ludwig with the individual snares and these are a mix of wire and synthetic gut strands. If I left these tightened all of the time the gut strands would probably stretch and perhaps break. It's good idea to leave the drum at "rest".