Would drumming to song with headphones on be equal to singing in the car?


Ok, I did a little experiment this weekend...

(1) Friday:
Put in a set of foam earplugs, and cranked the home stereo. (the 5 speakers & Sub are mounted around the kit) Ipod @ 75%...Stereo @ 100%.

(2) Saturday:
Put on my Winchester gun range ear muffs that have a set of Sennheiser 202s mounted inside. Ipod volume @ 40%

(3) Sunday:
Wore foam earplugs along with another set of Sennheiser 202s on top. Ipod volume @ 70%

All in all, it wasn't a huge difference in playing between the 3 configurations.

Option 1 overall was way too distorted to distinguish too many sounds.
I guess if I had a PA, this would be a better option. But for now, it was more of a nuisance for everyone in the house. :)

Option 2 to me, sounded the cleanest. Although, it seemed to confirm that it masks "mistakes" more than the other two.

Option 3 was kind of "middle of the road" of the bunch.

I also played a bunch of drumless tracks in each of the 3 sessions. Yikes. I still have a lot of work to do in that regard. So I will probably hide behind option 2 for a while longer.

Maybe I'll look into a PA after I feel a little more confident.


Record yourself and find out...just be ready for the reality and dont let it stop you.
Probably not going to record for a while. Still licking my wounds from a Vocal/Piano recording I attempted a couple of months ago.