Worst mistake you've ever made during a gig ;)


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Second day on a tour of a West End Show. I had my music in the wrong order and - not being that familiar with the show - forgot a number. The MD counted us in and I plowed into the chart I had in front of me. Blam! Pow! Blappity-Blap on the snare. The number we were playing had no such intro.

The look on the MD's face was priceless. Figured I was going home at the end of the night but, they kept me on. Still get reminded of that by the boys that were on the gig when I see them.


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HS jazz band I had been listening to a bunch of odd-time stuff. I was supposed to count off the tune (in 4/4) and play a couple bars of time before the band came in. Well, I kicked us off alright, but in 5/4. The band director gave me quite the glare and I quickly dropped a beat over into 4/4.
Haha I can imagine the sheer panic and dread of the other musicians!


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Starting the song Two Princes by Spin Doctors, starts with a snare fill...........I did it years ago but I ballsed it up so bad none of the band came in and the whole audience looked at me laughed their boots off................needless to say I started it again and literally played the simplest fill I knew

I still can't play it right ha ha, or the kick drum pattern!!!


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I completely hosed the intro to "We're an American Band". Not even recognizable. Got the cowbell part right, though.


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Not cutting the song earlier when my bass drum beater flew out of the pedal during an original and I spent a solid 30 seconds just doing the snare backbeat while I tried to fix it. Then restarting that same song that the other dudes were obviously not rehearsed for...

...or maybe it was leaving the bassist's little brother around my tom/crash stand that he somehow knocked over onto himself and put my prized Saluda Tesla into the cobblestone path?

Luckily, my contributions to this thread are only from the gig I just played!


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Leaving, and losing, my brand spanking new snare stand at the gig this past weekend...

Damn...damn....and thrice damn.

Used once...damn for the fourth time.

Musically - completing ballsing a song up when a stick smashed on me and I'd forgotten where I'd shoved my spare stick holder (Im in my 40s...and sometimes it shows). I found it a challenge too many to play a song with one hand.