Worst idea in Drumming


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What about that rotational cymbal cleaner?
I guess it's better to spend hundreds of bucks on that than a couple of cents on a fresh lemon and keep the logos intact.

Anon La Ply

lmao here, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard at some of the stuff I'm reading here.that thing about the lightweight Dixon stands just kills me....

I love lightweight stands and have a few Dixons holding up my cymbals :) I'm not playing in a big loud rock band these days and the stands have never even looked like wobbling, let alone looked like falling. Meanwhile they are easy to lug.

Super Phil

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Ha...i'm glad this thread got resurrected. Fun stuff in here!
Seems to be a lot of animosity regarding having your rack toms mounted on the bass drum as opposed to mounted on a separate stand. I have Tama StarClassic Maples with 2 rack toms mounted on a separate stand, and i have Taye StudioMaples where i leave the rack toms mounted on the bass drum. I don't notice any improvement in the sound of the virgin kick with toms mounted separately over the set up with rack toms mounted on the bass drum. (Maybe years of drumming had led to hearing loss, lol) Also, i prefer the placement of the 2 rack toms directly above the bass drum...so mounted is working and sounding great for me.