WorldMax snare


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I continue to bust lug casings off my Maryland DC in touch with Keith Larsen, ex-Maryland Drum boss, now running Mid-Atlantic Drums...and not only got replacement lug casings which are no longer available, but this too...Not a whole lot of lit on World Max snares. Anyone got one? Looks like a BB. I see a few online that are steel and rolled HH brass too....but not standard brass. I haven't received it yet so I can't tell you how it sounds or plays.



Les Ismore

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The hole spacing looks pretty wide, I would look for compatible lugs that fit the hole spacing (something of better quality) replace the cheap ones as they break.


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This worlds max snare is just fine. IT's my Maryland DC snare I keep breaking.

I just received this one and so far am happy as can be. Something to be said for brass...


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I have a World Max snare,a Black Dawg,a Black Beauty copy,with tube lugs and straight brass hoops w clips,I am very happy with it,the lugs and the black nickel plating has held up well,which was something I wondered about when I first got it,the badge is a little cheesy,Plastic and glued on,the throw was very generic,but has held up ,and if it does fail I would have no problem replacing it with a nice one.The Shell is a welded seam,and I have heard it is the same shell that pearl,pork pie,pacific,and the Ludwig Black Magic uses.Mine is a little mellower and open sounding than my cob dynasonic,possibly due to the nickel plating and I think more so to the Brass hoops.But it does everything that I expect a nice brass drum to do,has good tone,cut and volume,is very responsive,good usable tuning range,a good all around general purpose snare.I have no Idea if it will hold it's value or ever be collectible like a black beauty,but bang for the buck it is a great value for the looks and performance that you get.I paid about 230.00 shipped about 7 years ago.A good choice if you want to add a metal /brass snare to the arsenal that will do everything pretty well.