Working out before playing=relaxation?


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Okay so a quick topic.

Have you guys ever played the drums or the practice pad right after an arm workout? I have tried it out at night (on the practice pad) whenever i workout and take a shower and i have noticed that the workout tires out your hands and arms and gets them really relaxed. Have you guys ever had an experience like that? Would doing a small arm workout before, say, a gig be beneficial to relaxed playing? I have never tried it out before, only on the pad at night.

If it would, i would think that a good plan would be to do the arm workout, get comfortable on the practice pad, and then hit the stage. What do you think?

Bo Eder

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In theory I would think that to be a little detrimental because you're stressing the arms lifting weights before you need to be dexterious. I think something like a basketball game would be better, or ping pong, or frisbee out in the parking lot. Maybe riding a bike?

You want to be warm and loose. I would think the workout would only stress you out and tighten you up.


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I agree with Bo, I would prefer to warm up my wrists and fingers with a light ligiment warm up, i.e. stretching etc to get them nice and supple. Lifting weights puts strain on the wrists, fingers elbows etc so probably just tires out the muscles rather than relaxing them.