Wood hoops on Ludwig toms.


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With regards to anything ply and/or affordable, I agree, perhaps with the exception of single flange wood hoops, but only in combination with extremely low mass associated hardware.
I actually would disagree. I owned two Ayotte kits back in the early 2000s (both 22/12/14/16). One of the kits had wood hoops (Ayotte hoops) and the other had 2.3mm metal hoops. The wood hoops dried out the sound and made it more focused. I would describe it as somewhat similar to die cast hoops, but with its own sound.

I brought both of these kits into the studio once and the engineer and I listened to the same track with the different kits. There was definitely a difference. By the way, we used the wood-hooped model on the recording.

Having said all that, I have two C&C kits and I deliberately did NOT get wood hoops. I think wood hoops are absolutely fine, I just feel like the cost isn't worth the difference in sound. My $.02.


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Nobody would ever buy them, at least, not at a price worth selling them for. We get a ton of requests to sell them separately (mainly from other builders). They cost us $400 / pair to make, so how much could you sell them for?
Thank you for your kind words :)
400? Yikes man. You're right, who would drop that kind of coin? Plus to be fair, the look of the wood hoops wouldn't complement say a blue sparkle wrap. I'm happy with the fact that only Guru drums has them. They go great with the natural ash. Really, I couldn't be happier with the look and the tone.

Andy, why Ovangkol? I'm curious how you arrived at this choice. Not a negative question, quite the contrary. I think they are outstanding.