Wobbly drum throne


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I have noticed that after playing drums for a few hours the Tama drum throne I sit on gets wobbly (I am not sure which model it is but it does not seem to be any that are being sold any more - it has double braced legs, a round seat and a threaded vertical shaft).

The wing nut tightening the seat into its height loosens easily and so does another nut (this part is a circular metallic piece as opposed to the plastic kind used on 1st chair models) sitting on the threaded vertical shaft of the throne that apparently is there to stop sideways wobbling (no, the second nut is not a memory lock). If I tighten these two things very hard (using multigrip pliers) the seat is solid but after a while the seat will loosen again at both points.

What do I do to keep this seat solid?


I have the exact same problems with their newer models with the plastic sleeve. I just hand tighten it every so often and never really looked for a permanent cure. The only seat top of Tama's that I don't have problems with are the hydraulic models because of the different design.



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Unfortunately for me these parts are difficult to tighten hard and they are covered in grease (transferred from the greased vertical shaft) - which I do not like to keep washing off of my hands.


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I've never liked thrones with threaded shafts. The ones I've sat on always seemed to end wobbling and hurting my back.


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Actually, I have noticed it is not a Tama drum throne...it is a cheapo Sonic Drive Percussion drum throne that just happened to come with the Tama kit.

The screw that tightens and sets the drum thrones height (and balances it) loosens very quickly and since it is covered in grease I hate having to wash the grease off my hands.

Are there are ways to keep the seat stable instead of just tightening the screw after every practice session?


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cram the wobbly bits with jb weld, you'll never have it come loose again. but also good luck ever getting it apart if you need to.


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I have the same throne but in my case there is too much wobbly material on top of the throne


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I suggest that you save up for a pro level throne.
If you are wobbling about while playing you will be insecure and you will never play to your full potential.
You have to be relaxed and confident behind your kit.
The throne is where it all starts.
Go to a shop and try different thrones until you find the one that is right for you.