Wish list 2021...


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Dont really have any wants at this point. New heads would be nice. At some point I'd like a third crash, but dont have any idea what other than 16". A rack would be cool so I could declutter the floor, but it's not necessary. For the most part I'm rather satisfied with the gear I currently have.


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Where do I start!. I won't type my top ten list but to list one item?...i still want a 7x13 brady sheoak or lemon gum in the same size. Have had for many years!. It's caused restless nights.


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A Mac mini to replug the studio in the den, the iMac being permanently in the basement to record Drums and guitar.
Another Mackie Onyx 1640i so, again, it will back at the place of the former Onyx that is in the basement now.
A Pearl remote hihat stand to put the Meinl Foudry on it (Already ordered..)
Other Wireless systems, both for in ears and microphones to finish all the settings for the band...only one available for 3 female singers...
Some lights on pole for the band, maybe a sub or two.
Finish to pay off the Tama Star Reserve Plain Sedan
Maybe one or two ride and crash from the Meinl foudry reserve line to have a pure Jazz Cymbals kit but I don't really need this one now, we don't play jazz...I will have to start a jazz band to have a use of them and jazz bands are not well paid here in Winnipeg, like 50/75$ a night per musicians...
And that's it so, not that much for the drums, I think I have everything I need in that area for music.
Ha yes, expectations are very high on this one: Getting rid of this virus with vaccine for everyone so we could
repratice and perform again
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What piece of gear tops your wish list for 2021? :unsure: 😀
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I'm astonished, Mr. Strange, that Santa didn't deliver your beloved Blue Bell this Christmas. It must have slipped from his sleigh and tumbled into the Thames. A confused fisherman is probably wondering at it right now.

I'm all set on the gear front, at least in terms of drums and cymbals. I'll be getting some recording equipment in 2021 for home use. I've needed to do that for a while now and have put it off about as long as I can. The capacity to lay down tracks from my residence will be invaluable.
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Man 2021 is a break from drum gear.

I went ape shit in 2020. 2 kits, countless cymbals and hardware and lots of snares.

If you gave me a 1000 bucks to buy drum gear. I’d be at loss on what to buy. That’s depressing to me lol.