Wish i still had it!


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My first drumset, bought about 1986, was a somewhat distressed "Westwood" Japanese stencil set (part of the Star lineup). It wasn't anything special at all. But it came with a blue deco Ludwig Pioneer snare dated 1963. That snare was so incredible and sweet, even for only having six lugs. I sold it some eleven or twelve years later when I was down on my luck; worst decision I ever made. Getting another one is on my bucket list.


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out of all the gear I let go, it's my Pearl brass free floater snare drum. It was my only snare for almost 20 years, and in the last while, I picked up a couple snazzy snares, and I knew it wouldn't get used much and moved it on. But it had history and mojo, and I miss the old warrior.


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Cool thread, loving all the responses! Don't listen to the naysayers Sonormapex, starting new threads is a good thing!

My greatest regret is selling my 90s 22" K Heavy Ride. That thing defined my whole recording career. It's on basically every record and demo I did between '97 and '14 when I stupidly sold it because I was going through a "crashable ride" period... Beautiful cymbal, best 'ping' I ever heard...

I could try and find a new one used, but it still wouldn't be the one I "grew up" with. *sad face*


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HHX Legacy 14" hats, 20" ride, 17" crash

Yellow sparkle fade Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau, 5x13, 8x10,8x12,12x14,16x20.

Color/sizes on the Yamaha kit is virtually impossible to find, but the price i received for all of these has doubled, at a minimum.


Always another deal out there somewhere though...


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Late 70's Tama Bell Brass, only because I could have sold it now for 6x what I bought it for (500). I don't miss it.


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The only drum-related thing I ended up regretting getting rid of is my old Tama Rockstars, but I ended up getting them back! Here's the story from a thread I posted on another messageboard about three years ago:

Long story short: I started playing drums in 1993, bought my first "real" drum kit, a set of Tama Rockstars, and played the cr@p out of it for about 10 years. I was in a few bands, played several hundred shows, traveled about as far as our cars would let us, did some recording, etc. Well, I always promised one of my friends in the band that if I ever got a pro-level drum kit, I'd give him my Rockstars. In 2003, I kept my promise. I got my Pork Pie kit, so I took my Rockstars to his house, and it was an absolute joy to give them away. I think I was happier giving my old drums to him than I was to get my Pie's.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I get a random Facebook message asking me if I wanted the set back. He said that he has a couple more kits he has access to, and he thought they belonged back with me. I said, "Sure!" and I picked them up on my way home from work last night.

All in all, it's a 6-piece kit:
22"x16" kick
14" x 5.5"(?) snare
12" x 10" rack tom
16" x 16" floor tom

(Not shown)
8" x 6" rack tom
10" x 8" rack tom

After we FINALLY got the kids in bed last night, I went down last night, sat on the couch, and just stared at them for probably a solid 20 minutes. I couldn't believe that they were actually back in my house. I was surprised how well they cleaned up. I'm hoping at least one of the kids takes up drumming. It would be really cool for them to learn on the same set that I learned on.

It feels so good having my old friend home again.

In my opinion, wrapped 90's rockstar kits are among the best out there. I've liked every one I sat down at. And I also own a 90's blue wrap rockstar kit with the groovy "accutune" hoops.

I still use the stupid steel snare from that kit and I'm constantly swapping it back and forth with the new black beauty from Larry... That's how fond I am of it.

I also really liked a later 80's "swingstar" set that had the funky Zola coating on the inside of the drums. TBH, it didn't really sound stellar, but I was very fond of the kit and wish I still had it.


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A Gretsch gold sparkle kit with an incredible sounding brass snare drum.

Stolen along with the whole rig from our band's van while we slept at a friend's house after a club gig in Manchester, UK in 1992.

The following week we had a residency at a blues club in Hamburg, Germany, lined up, which would have been great fun!

We never made because we had no gear and broke up.



Brass Dynasonic
5×13 maple Dave Weckl snare
19" and 20" Pre Aged K's
60's 14" New Beats
20" 2002 Crash
20" Giant Beat Multi
15" Giant Beat hats

I could go on...


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Ludwig LM300 snare. Basically a steel Supra. I got rid of it cause it was very similar to my Tama snare at the time. Stupid move but i forgive myself because one never makes the best decisions at 14 years of age. Now at 30 i'm trying to find the closest equivalent on the market since the LM300 has been discontinued.


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Kind of wish I'd have kept it would be the Gretsch Renown 57 kit I just sold. It was my 3rd kit at the time. I was able to make a quick couple hundred on it. That bass drum low tone was to die for. I'll get another Renown some day. :)


Ludwig LM300 snare. Basically a steel Supra. I got rid of it cause it was very similar to my Tama snare at the time. Stupid move but i forgive myself because one never makes the best decisions at 14 years of age. Now at 30 i'm trying to find the closest equivalent on the market since the LM300 has been discontinued.
Yeah, those are nice. Chris Blackwell recorded the whole Now And Zen album with one of those.


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First snare drum-early stop sign badge Gretsch chrome over ? When I got my Rogers Powertone the Gretsch became a "timbale" and was eventually lost in time...


The original mufflers from my Rogers Holiday kit and aforementioned Powertone. Some genius told me "you should take those off, they just add weight". Again, lost in time...

The original reso hoops from those same Holiday toms. Because, well, you know that in 1979 "NOBODY uses resonant heads..." Probably the same genius as above. I still cringe when I ride by the guitarist's house where I know I left them after I quit the band....like 30 years ago.

And lastly the original Swivo-matic foot pedal (the model with the adjustable length foot board no less!!!), two swan leg cymbal stands, and a Rogers snare stand.

Other than that? Not too much else I really miss or need today...

I am *very* thankful I still have the Red Oynx Rogers kit my dad bought me in 1977 that was made up of: 12" Dayton Tower, 13" Dayton Holiday (with "Tower" crossed out), 16" early Fullerton Holiday, and a 24" early Fullerton Powertone bass drum. That kit came with a Cleveland COB Powertone snare. Must have been made up from pieces carried to California I guess...