WIP drum build: Opinions needed on how to proceed


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About three weeks ago, I started ordering parts to make my own drumset from Keller shells. I've been following latindrummer's guide to getting a mirror/water like gloss finish and am about halfway through. But I'm at the point where I have to choose colors, so I'm kinda divided at the moment. Anyway, here's a looksie at how the shells look at the moment:

So, three things I need to decide:

Color of hardware:

- Most abundant, easiest to work with (ie, metal and wood looks good)
Brass - Not really sure
Black - Black nickel looks awesome, and this was my original plan. However, finding everything in black nickel is nigh impossible, and my other option is mixing black nickel, black chrome and black powdercoat (just stuff spray painted black basically)

Color of design:

I couldn't stand the wrap on my first drumset, a Tama Rockstar kit, so I stripped it and did my first refurb project. I wanted to get the same design on my new kit as it's simple and I'm quite fond of it. Pic below:

Anyway, the choices are do the chevrons in white spray or black spray. White stands out more but doesn't blend/mesh in as well as black does, which doesn't stand out enough.

Finally, Color of bass drum hoops:

Black, white, natural (pretty much as they look in the first two pictures) or stained like the other drumshells. This relies heavily on the first two choices.

I'm really in a decision funk, so tell me what ya think.
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Yeah, I feel like a dolt for selling them now. They had the right mix of attack and warmth... *sigh* And I'm not very good with woodworking, it seems, either. So if you know anyone who wants some shells and finishing materials, point em to me! (20x24, 11x13, 14x16 : depth x diameter).