Winter namm 2020


To change subject: I’m most looking forward to the Yamaha offerings. They are methodically rebuilding their lines and brand, as far as acoustic drums.


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Interesting Sakae is overseeing production but for me its a nope. I hate a droopy bass drum.
Hard to know what to make of this as the Sakae Drum company does not exist any more, and Korg bought the trademark. Maybe it means that some of the ex Sakae engineers are overseeing production.


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8-lug black beauties!

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Very interested to see how this sounds. But I doubt they will sound any fuller than other kits of similar dimensions. That's just a sacrifice you gotta make for portability.

The MSRP is listed at $1160, (the regular 5 piece Stage Custom kit has an MSRP of $1100). So it seems the street price could be around $650, which is TOO MUCH. lol. It shouldn't cost any more than the $500 3 piece SC Bop kit. Sure it has 4 pieces instead of 3, but you're also getting HALF the drum shells, haha.

I normally haven't cared about Snoms, but this one has me intrigued. In the context of such a small kit, it could be very useful for ballads. Just slap a Big Fat Snare Drum on it. :)


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IMHO, fairly heavy single point lugs don't accentuate the sonic characteristics of a thinner solid shell. A single lug that orientates the tension forces across the lug, rather than through the shell, allows the shell to contribute more. Just my 2c, otherwise, a nice looking snare range.


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Thinking DW, when seeing a Gretsch drum set, will always be the last thing on my mind. They were making great looking and sounding drums before DW got their distribution rights. But that's just me. Quite frankly I don't understand why DW didn't just name the PDP brand, a PDP series of DW 20 years ago. Almost as if even they thought the PDP were not of good enough quality to bear the DW brand. And yet they were PDP by DW. The PDP snares above look great, especially the one with the dark wood hoops.
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