Will You Still Need Me?


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Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, When I'm 64???

The Beatles Must have been psychic when they wrote that song, because who would know that this young lad of 16 thought they were great, and tomorrow when I turn 64 I will be singing that song all day. Happy Birthday to me. The Mayor would like to proclaim Mayors day and everyone may have the day off. Just print this post and take it to work with you on Thursday to make sure you are excused and get paid. And thanks for putting up with me. Cheers.



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When you're 64, you'll be even more awesome than you are now at 63!

Happy, happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad! Felíz Cumpleaños...Papá!

You are a solid member in this forum! Now you are part of 63's Club Band :*)

...a big hug for you!