Will Gibraltar ball L Arms Fit my Ludwig atlas double Tom holder?


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There are at least three different sizes of ball on the market, and Gibraltar makes all three, so ask the seller about specific sizes, don’t go by brand.


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I have that setup on my drums. They do fit but are a little tighter than the stock Ludwig L arms.


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I have that Atlas double tom mount, and one side will absolutely not accept any other ball-mounted L-rod I have. I finally got one different ball mount (out of a half-dozen or so) into the other side after a lot of trial and error and a lot of forcing and coaxing. All of the other ball mounts seem just a little too large for the Atlas mount's holder.

So in general I'd say no, they won't.

I have several double tom mounts and an assortment of Gibraltar L-rods and I've never had any trouble mixing and matching with any of them. It's just the Atlas mount that gave me trouble.


Well they do not fit. They are too big so I will post them back and try to find something of the right size. Ideas appreciated.


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I've ended up replacing my tom mounts with Inde's adjustable mounts. They can accommodate 9, 10, and 12mm L-arms, so I'm using the stock 12.7mm L-arms with my Atlas mount.

I also own DW, PDP, Ludwig (Rocker-style), Tama, and Gibraltar tom mounts of various types, and they all use the Gibraltar L-arm balls completely interchangeably. The Ludwig Atlas mount really seems to be the odd man out here, and it makes it frustrating that Ludwig doesn't seem to offer compatible L-arms in any other sizes besides 12.7mm.