Will binder clips hurt my kick drum hoops?


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I use an apps in my band and all is in the Apps, setlist, charts, mp3, midi program changes, etc. So, my previous drummer was not using it a lot because, as a non reader drummer, he was learning everything by Heart and needed just the setlist, so, he had a little stand with a tablet that I made for him, left side for papers, right side his Mackie (well, mine, I bring/buy everything to everyone in the band...) Mix8 for his monitoring IEM.
But the next drummer was a strong reader and he needed the charts so, I found a place for the iPad, just under a cymbal, see below:
Do you see it? Under the Meinl jazz crash and on top of the Sabian Sizzler stack?IMG_20210529_214611.jpg


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You don't have to be that fancy. I keep mine on the floor and put it under the leg of my hi-hat stand so it won't move or blow away.

If you need it closer, just carry a roll of painter's tape with you and tape it to a stand or floor tom hoop.


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I usually tape mine to the monitor. If we play without one then I rest it on the floor next to the Hi-Hat :)


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Inspired by this thread, I’ve softened a bulldog/binder clip by lining each ‘jaw’ with a thin strip of gaffa tape, and I’m going to try it at today’s gig - clipping the setlist onto the bass drum.
The clip with gaff along the edge worked perfectly - no scratching of the hoop, and my setlist with notes about how each sing starts and ends was right there on the bass drum, but out of sight for the audience.


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Update: I used binder clips this past weekend, and they worked GREAT!!! My set list has the BPM's listed for each song, so it's imperative that I have a list that's highly visible. I'm keeping all of this in my kickdrum case. I know I may be scratching the hoop, so I may tape up the ends at some point, but for now, this will work.




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You folks don't just memorize it by reading through it once?

I am disillusioned!

...wait...isn't this what music stands are for? ; )