Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?


I have an Alesis DM10, and have been playing through headphones. I would like to have the option to play out loud, and was wondering if playback on stereo speakers sounds OK. I know that special sound systems are made for ekits. But they're more money than I want to spend. I would like to try to just cable into the phono jack on the amplifier. Has anyone tried this? Can you get full range of drum kit sound through stereo speakers? I have an older Kenwood system. I have plenty of power. I want good quality sound. Thanks!


Not yet. My thinking is stereo speakers have enough range to handle an ekit. At least it'll be inexpensive to try. I just need an extension cable to set it up. This would just be for my practice room.


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I had to make do playing my yamaha dtx532 through a friends cheap stereo for an ad hoc practice. It definitely wasn’t ideal but it wasn’t the worst experience, especially if your stereo has a sub so you get the full range. But a dedicated drum system is better. If you can set your speakers up so you get good stereo separation, helps make the sounds correspond with what you’re actually hitting.


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Home stereo - great way to pick up pieces of speaker cone from the floor when hit the kick drum a bit too loud.

Here's the rules:
  • Home: headphones (or a PA if you *really* need speakers)
  • Rehearsal: a PA
  • Live: a PA
Minimum of 12" woofers, speakers on stands, tweeters at ear height.
(as for make and model - that depends on your budget)


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Transients can blow home speakers, especially tweeters. Any mention of this anywhere, or did they stop supplying a paper manual with your purchase?


Thanks, electrodrummer. That's the answer. I think I'll just stick to headphones. Adding a PA is a bit much for home practice, and I don't want to blowup my home stereo speakers.

ToneT, thank you. I've been through my manual, but only for info on setup and making adjustments. I didn't look for info on what kind of speakers to use. It's worth a few minutes to check it out. I know ekits have a wide range of sound, and need special speakers that cover the range. I know Alesis sells a speaker setup that works for giging. I was looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive solution.


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Hi there.

Stereo's and PC Speakers work fine for my DTX-532, so long as the volume isn't excessive. Most systems will let you know once you've crossed a safe threshold.

You don't really need a full PA, just a subset. My recommendation would be to procure a single Yamaha powered wedge.

12" if you plan to use it for practice and acoustic rehearsals.
15" if you plan to use it for small rooms and electric rehearsals.

I have a pair of the unpowered version (SBR12) with a Yamaha EMX7 powered mixer that I use for a dozen different things, and my DTX-532 does sound good through them.


I was looking for something quick and low cost for my home studio. The Yamaha Powered Speakers look very impressive, they'd be fun for smaller gigs.