Why these kind of drummers are considered the best nowadays?

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Depends on what you wanna do.

Personally, I feel I can confidently say that I'm pretty good at emulating that Odd-Arne guy. On a good day I sound exactly like him. On a bad day I blame someone else.

Remember, music is objective................................NOT!!!


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This is only my opinion, but I think it's silly to refer to any artist as "the best" of anything. Everyone has preferences that seem strange to everyone else, and I'm one of those people who can't understand why people spend good money on what I perceive as complete garbage.

Regarding the clips posted, I'd never heard of the guy before this thread but I didn't find it trashy or offensive or particularly bad. I mean he's doing his thing. It doesn't suck as bad as lots of things I can think of pretty quick, but that's only my opinion. Edited to add, that I am definitely not a "pro" drummer :)


He is a talented drummer with precise timing and excellent versatility.
I am not a huge fan of that sort of music but that's not a reason to disparage his talent.

"don't know if those who think Justin Tyson is one of the best are themselves drummers or not"

Well he is in Herbie Hancock's touring band. I imagine Herbie could get literally any drummer on earth if he wanted to so Justin must be doing something right...


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I see bands like a sport team in being a group effort and like singers-if they don't harmonize well they don't score and suck. That said I like Justin Tyson.
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Not my cup of tea, and I hadn't heard of him before, but he plays it well. Not something I could whip out on a moment's notice, but I've never been asked either.


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There is no "best". We should stop making lists and rankings.

There's no best but t is better.
But lists and rankings are pointless, especially the more specific the criteria is, considering there are so many different styles (personal and musical).
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I think if he's supporting the music in the way that it's intended, then he's doing a great job. It reminds me of jungle techno music from the mid 1990s.