Why? Paradiddle for Beginners


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I believe that's what's called "practicing paradiddles".
Maybe there's a terminology nuance I'm not getting, but I usually think of the "para-diddle rudiment" as defined to be that 4 note sequence. I meant you don't have to stick to that or hold it up as a gold standard.


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Paradiddles have a ton of uses. And they are more than just Rlrr Lrll. Alternate between three variations. Rllr Lrrl. And Rrlr Llrl. Getting the “feel” of paraddiddles also helps with some beats that are used in lots of tunes. The six way beat taught by Kim Plainfield utilizes variations on the paradiddle. Super versatile.


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Just to start

A Paradiddle is RLRR LRLL
An Inverted Paradiddle is RLLR LRRL
The name of the third version is slipping me right now.

The biggest part is what it opens up for you. 6 Stroke rolls, RllrrL RllrrL RllrrL , paradiddlediddles Rlrrll Rlrrll Rlrrll Lrllrr Lrllrr Lrllrr. These are 2 rudiments that can sound amazing on a kit. Especially in a fill with a few groupings of 5.

Speaking of that. A grouping of 5. Well, that's just a paradiddle followed by one note, and lets only accent the right hand RlRRl RlRRl RlRRl
Now add kick and play the crash with the right.. Now play the pattern of 5 in 4/4. RlRR lRlR RlRl RRlR lRRl RlRR lRlR RlRl RRlR. That goes over the bar line very nice. Choose your own adventure to get out of that fill at the right spot, but it is derived from the diddle.

Another one I love to play is RllRK LrrLK RllRK or RllR KLrr LKRl lRKR llRK Inverted diddles followed by a kick to make a weird grouping of 5. To make it even more fun play as triplets.

Rll RKL rrL KRl lRK Lrr LKR llR KLr rLK Rll RKL rrL REALLY ghost the notes and accents. All this is derived from diddles.

I haven't even started to combine anything, flam, displace anything (even more fun), or start them in weird spots yet. Plus I took this from 2 patterns. If you want fills for days, ideas, chops, creativity, you NEED rudiments.