Why order steak well done?


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When I'm doing real steak, I like it no more than medium, and usually medium rare, but with the outside flamed so I get just a hint of the charred taste. When I do carne asada (which is often, since I'm Mexican-in-law), I like it slightly well-done so that the char on the edges is pronounced but the center of the meat is usually still about medium.

Yeah, well-done is a poor cook and a poor gourmand.


In the Midwest it is almost a crime to order a steak anything more than medium rare. When I waited tables and a customer would ask for his or her steak well done or with steak sauce I would always think to myself - 'he ain't from round here'... I was almost always right.


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Steak should be cooked in a variety of ways, despite the current fashion, some people prefer it well done.

I don't subscribe to the rare or med-rare is the only way philosophy it all depends on the quality of meat and what it is or is not served with and the individuals taste buds. To bring this back to the drum world it's a bit like saying everyone should like and use single ply coated and no one should use pinstripes.

In actual fact pinstripes can be rather good and some people like a well done steak.

Freedom of choice for all


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Cut off the horns, wipe its arse and put it on a plate!
I'm with you on that.When I said rare,I mean,with CPR..it could have lived.Steak sauce is for people who put ketsup on a good hot dog,and call that Food?.I'm German,and if you put ...ketsup on a hot dog,you were an alien ,and shunned by family and friends,and put in the stocks.Sacrilidge!!!!

Mustard on dogs,spicey brown or(ugh) yellow,with fresh Kraut.I know the Chi Town crowd is going ballistic,but,we really know ,the true Coney Island/NY dog(Nathans or Greys Papya)...is the best .:):)Let the flaming begin.Sorry for the OT.

Filet Minon...well?The have meds for that now.:):)

Steve B
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Yeah I don't get it. If I want something dry and tough I will eat a shoe.

Hot dogs definitely do not get ketchup. I can't do the sauerkraut, but mustard, cheese, and wasabi fits the bill just fine.

I would rather eat a well cooked pork chop than a well cooked steak any day of the week.


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Hot dogs do so get ketchup. And I'm German too! Must be a Philly thing. Is ketchup OK on hamburgers? Cause I do that too.


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Hot dogs do so get ketchup. And I'm German too! Must be a Philly thing. Is ketchup OK on hamburgers? Cause I do that too.
Yep, ketchup on hot dogs here in Oz.....and on burgers too.

Although we don't call it ketchup, we call it tomato sauce......or just sauce for short. As in, "I'll have a hot dog with sauce and mustard please" or "do you want sauce on your burger?"


"Uncle Larry"
Jules, is your main sauce in Oz Heinz like it is here in most of the US? Does it say ketchup anywhere on the bottle down there? I wonder what would happen if I ordered a hot dog with sauce and mustard in Philly. I wonder what "sauce" they would default to, or would they ask me what the hell I was talking about.

In Philly, it's common to get the works...ketchup (sauce), mustard, relish, onions, sauerkraut, and then you get your occasional baked beans topping. I love them but only eat them on occasions. Guilty pleasure. They are great outdoors in the summer on a grill or over a fire with friends and kids. With ketchup on them. Mustard overpowers the savory nature of the hot dog lol. Like I wouldn't put mustard on steak either. But mustard spices up the more bland philly pretzel.

So for you die hard mustard sympathizers, riddle me this....Would you put mustard on your steak? Well, would you? Punk?
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I don't like ketchup on my fries. Not on my dogs either. I only like it on burgers and hard-boiled eggs and cottage cheese.

I order my steaks medium too, but I can't even remember the last time I ate a slab of beef as a "steak". I usually have slices of beef from a roast or a tri-tip. My beef usually comes in the form of Carne Asada or Barbacoa. You don't have to tell 'em how to cook that.


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Jules, is your main sauce in Oz Heinz like it is here in most of the US? Does it say ketchup anywhere on the bottle down there?
We have several different brands including Heinz, who actually make a regular "tomato sauce" as well as a "tomato ketchup" both of which are widely available.

But you'll still find that the vast majority of us will call it sauce, even if we're holding a bottle labelled Heinz tomato ketchup. I've never heard anyone at an Aussie bbq say "can you pass the ketchup?"


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The Detroit Coney Island is our local version of the hot dog. Chili, mustard and onions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coney_Island_hot_dog

I do enjoy the NY-style dogs with kraut and the Chicago "dragged through the garden" versions, too. Here's a couple of Coneys from Lafayette, one of the big Detroit joints:

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