Why I dislike certain drum owners


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Thing is if your drums aren't the way you'd like them, you bought the wrong drums..
Not exclusively.

A kit can be a dream kit, but maybe it has hanging floors, or not. Or a bracket, or not, etc.

Then you can always decide to mod it.

That said. The DW bracket is made too heavy.

I prefer the PDP model.


I think most drums are bought for a profit, or at least with the idea in the back of the mind that they will sell one day.

This is especially true with the younger generation, and from the flippers perspective.

No anger whatsoever. I've never given them a dime. I was just trying to justify DW owner's concerns over resale value.
That said, I'm also not much of a fan of bullshit and double standards.
And here you are. Giving them a dime with previously mentioned some bullshit. 😂
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I've never understood brand evangelism. I suppose it's a retail tribal thing. Never affected me. I wound up playing yamaha because that's what a lot of guys were playing at that time and I generally liked what I heard and how they looked. Stuck with them all these years rather than indulge a buying orgy.

Having said that, there are a few brands of goods I won't touch based on the personality or politics of the owner. I've stuck with that too.
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Yes, I work on my own stuff. No, I don't put a dollar value on my spare time. Its spare time.
That's the caveat. If I don't factor in my time, which does have value regardless of the type of time, I've made a lot of money on everything I've ever sold. Time spent making repairs or the like is time not spent playing drums, camping, spending time with family etc. therefore, it has a value that needs to be factored in to the overall equation.
If your time has no value to you whatsoever, bully for you, but I have many things to do with my time besides fix stuff and watch TV so I assign it a value.


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Generally intolerance and bigotry associates with low IQ and low education. So hopefully drummers don't really dislike other drum owners-sounds like guppies eating their own ROFL.


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Resale value is a huge factor in my purchasing/altering decisions. Has nothing to do with gear snobbery. I'll always buy used when I can to take advantage of any depreciation. I then maintain what I bought because, A. I like my stuff to be nice. B. I've learned no matter how much you plan on dying with something, you just may have to turn it for some cash at some point. I've never had a massive or endless budget to buy things, so every penny has counted. For a drum example, when I bought my PDPs, They were in great shape and I kept them that way. They were no heirlooms and never will be, but recouping what I spent on them helped me get into the next set.

Depreciation on cars is the same. Never sold one and broke even, but I've far from lost my shorts on any transaction. Sadly, most fun cars end up being worth close to zero in a few years, so I've had to opt for vanilla I've always been meticulous about my stuff, but when I was out of employment with prospects becoming more hopeless by the day all those things I bought right and cared for meticulously kept me and the wife afloat for months. Onkyo Integra stereo system => bought used, recouped every penny a decade later. Premier drums and Zildjian cymbals and all DW hardware => recouped every penny. I could go on but you get the idea. Resale value is what kept us afloat for months.

I've always limited my "wanter" and don't buy with the intent to sell. However, life throws curveballs and you can't get too attached to things. If you find yourself out of options, being able to recoupe close to your original expenditure can be the difference between surviving and dying on the vine. In today's economy where things can go bad at any time (insert 2020 here) and you may find yourself in need, resale should always be a consideration. If on the other hand gear or equipment is used for ones livelihood then that takes precedence. If a tom tree makes you more efficient, then drill baby drill. Heck drill three tom trees, who cares and why in the world would you opt for the back breaking 10x the weight, restricted movement option when you have a versatile light weight option. The DW sliding tom mount was as obnoxious as ever produced weight wise. I'm glad they aren't shipping those like they used to.

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You hit it right on the head with how DW owners always talk about resale and not proud, forever ownership.
I've never understood that.


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I kinda look at drums as I do motorcycles. I wouldn't modify a restored or original vintage bike or a drum set. I'm looking @ getting a new Indian. The factory doesn't do the paint scheme I want, nor do they have factory options/accessories I want (or have them at a reasonable price). I'll keep it stock for a season or two and then customize it over winter at some point and there will be after-market parts on it. New drums, I was able to order exactly what I wanted. Had I not been able to, I was going to modify my DWs to suit what I wanted.

I take care of my bikes and drum gear. I use them for what they're built for. When I want to make a change and sell what I currently own, I hope I get the most I can, but I don't allow that future event to affect how I enjoy and use them now.


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Didn't Dave Grohl do a special order on one of his kits: Classics w/ Collectors badges and a Gretsch tom mount installed?


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....Sadly, most fun cars end up being worth close to zero in a few years, so I've had to opt for vanilla....

That's the thing I was getting at earlier.

When you buy something, you can do it because you really want it, and it'll be fun to have and to use,
even if it's impractical and resale value might not be so good.

Or....you can buy something with the idea of how much will it be worth when I sell it,
and settle for something vanilla that doesn't really do it for you.

Of course, it doesn't have to be one extreme or the other. It's possible there might be a middle ground.


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I've bought a lot of gear, and am currently selling some.

I always buy the best I can get for the lowest price I can find, and I've been pretty lucky. Same with items I've resold.
I usually buy with value in mind, and the possibility of a resale is always there, so the likely price at resell is a thought, but not a concern to me.

As for modding? I'm all for it. If the gear is almost exactly what you want, and a simple mod will get it there? I've done it, and I'd do it again.
My main bass looks beat to snot, has lots of mods, and it plays and sounds great and every one who has played it has agreed. That said?
All the mods are reversible, as are almost all the mods done to my instruments. The outlier was a drastic move done by a repair tech.

tl,dr- It's just stuff, and it's yours. Make it work. If you have to sell it, do so and move on. Make what you can.


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