Why I dislike certain drum owners


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Hopefully we can all agree that this type of gear snobbery is not limited solely to DW owners. Try putting an aftermarket tom mounting system on any maker’s drums, post about it on said maker’s fanboy FB group, and the snobs will lose their sh!t.
Agreed! I get upset when I see concert toms converted lol.

But I do understand that there’s utilitarians that want to update and make things functional for them.

I am glad and very proud to have the kits I own. But if it comes down to it, I am obliged the responsibility of stewardship to curate them for the next person.

Though I did almost part with one for the most current acquisition, I have hunted and chosen my drums carefully with no intention to sell them (unless THE Peter Criss Love Gun tour kit is within reach financial and market wise).

But to mod a vintage, rare or collectors piece, you’d bet your bibby I’m not biting on that for my purchase.
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The DW Slidetrack rom mount is an absolute pig . I had one years ago and it was huge hassle . It was incredibly bulky , took up a ton of room and weighed down the hardware case . It could probably use its own bag .

Bo you made the right decision with you choice of the Gibraltar Tom mount .


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Agreed! I get upset when I see concert toms converted lol.
:ROFLMAO: Fortunately ..... my buddy modded the 12x8 under HIS ownership. (before picture below - it now has a reso head). I'll be picking up this kit Wednesday. He's a Gretsch/Ludwig guy big time, and I told him "when you decide to sell the Yamaha's, give me first shot". He just bought this Ludwig Black Panther kit .... and so I got the call. ;)


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Been following this on Faceache. Some of the replies are just stupid....... :geek:


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If your life or existence is defined by inanimate objects, I feel sorry for you. Same applies if all you do with said objects is baby them and worry about ROI rather than use them like the tools they are.


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I just went through your thread about it here: https://www.drummerworld.com/forums/index.php?threads/my-dw-design-piano-black-kit.175581/
and didn't see any negative responses.

But I do remember several threads in the past where people have said they drilled a virgin bass
for a mount, and also remember the resale issue being brought up.
I guess what I'm saying is that it seems like you may be overreacting a little about it.
I agree, Wildbill.

Drilling a virgin kick and installing a non-matching mount on a top-end or vintage kick isn't a wise idea.

Now, if I had a Gretsch made in USA higher end virgin kick and drilled it properly for a matching Gretsch mount that would be OK IMHO. But drilling same Gretsch and installing something like a Gibralter or Tama some other after-market mount: no way. It would lower resale for sure and that would be important to me.

I did distill from all of this that kit in question out of Bo's 10,000 shell drum collection was a DW Design Series kit. Up until I posted something a few days ago about DW, I didn't even know Bo used any DW kits for gigging. I thought he was a Pearl endorser. He must just like Pearl a lot and not be sponsored by Pearl. I knew Bo loved Pearl, and he was also into vintage kits, which I dig, too. I always like Bo's newest vintage find. Seems to happen monthly lol.

DW Design kits are still expensive. Sorta at same price point as DW Renown. I'd mod a Gretsch Catalina, but perhaps not a Renown. I'd have a hard time taking a drill to a $1,700 DW Design series, too.

I don't want to corrupt the originality of a really good drum and down the road have that be an issue if I sell it. How about a virgin Canopus? Or Craviotto? Ya gonna drill that virgin signed authentic Craviotto kick and put a Pearl mount on it? Or how about an expensive high-end Pearl kick that already has a mount but you want to change it to a mount you like better so you drill new holes for, say a Tama.

Where does one draw the line? How about a mint vintage Ludwig Jazzfest and we drill new and more holes for a newer better DW Mag throw? Where does the madness end lol.:giggle:

I think the line being drawn is value of the drum. Vintage Jazzfest or signed Craviotto absolutely no. Gretsch Catalina sure. DW Design or Gretsch Renown, for me, no. For Bo, yes.
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If your life or existence is defined by inanimate objects, I feel sorry for you. Same applies if all you do with said objects is baby them and worry about ROI rather than use them like the tools they are.
I agree with this, and you’re right on the money.

No I’m not the person text is reference just this is a low attempt at shaming/bullying if I’ve ever seen.
Even goes to say ‘It’d be funny if this guy was a member here...’ Is this the double standard that appears out of all this muck?
Stand on your own two feet.

May get a lot of flack, but publishing a smear and saying ‘(You) dislike’ is a disgraceful, enticing act, strong word to mention; and, a two way street:

I don’t think it’s about those of us who are stepping out against procedures, as much as it’s the disregarding front Mr. Eder chalks up his mods to functionality for the ‘craftsman.’ That’s fine and dandy, and his right just do your mods and seek opinion - not go this route.

However if you want to buy a collectible or vintage kit as a primary ‘gigging tool’ that’s the head scratcher for me.
This isn’t the case here obviously.

Respectfully, to those that are saying it’s mass produced or it’s just a drum, you may be the niche this type of thing appeals to. (On that note, Yes I agree it’s just a Performance series after all.)
Believe it or not some drum musicians/enthusiasts are preservationists, and not in the market for rat rods or rat mods.

On this note, I don’t think this is the first or second time he has irreversibly modded a kit and lobbed a Molotov into the brush of drum preservationists igniting reaction.

Seems to me most kits he buys new more oft high end or vintage; and, imminently some sort of drilling has to take place, and it can’t be due to height because I’m short myself 😶 lol and can get behind any kit I’ve ever played without giving a single thought to drilling a modded feature.

Finally, to give some rebuke on my side, my kits are not ‘tools’ for gigs, nor are they toys to tinker with.

It’s not that the definition of ownership defines me, it’s the pride to know what you have and take care of said piece(s).

I’m no working drummer so I don’t worry about ROI whatsoever - just joy in shedding.

Bo essentially your right to mod how and what you want, but this swaggering broadcast in such an edgy way will get what you wanted - a reaction.

I Just hope you will find ‘the one’ that eases your mind.


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I can see guitarists thinking about resale when they buy amps, or parents thinking about resale when they buy student instruments, but that's about it.


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Be sure to burn at proper temperature which is branded into each shell at the factory. It's known as "flame matching."

*see what I did there? I made a clever. :LOL:
Priceless. You win the forum for the day.


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I'm not seeing a problem with what this awful person said or how he said it. Whether it's drums, guns, cars, etc, I buy them to use them but I always consider their resale value before modifying or adding stuff to them. People sell things and buy new things. If I do I sell something I want it to be desirable so I get the most for it. What a concept!

I was expecting the person in question here to be a total asshole by the thread title. Turns out he's just a guy you disagree with about something petty.

Edit: I'm not the guy lol
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Seems to me that if you buy something with the question of what the re-sale value is, you aren't totally sold on the object. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, you are looking for an out, incase you find later there is something you don't like. I drilled my virgin Renown bass drum so that it met my current needs. I don't now and didn't then, think about who was going to bash me for "ruining" a bass drum. It's altered, sound is the same, and it is still a bass drum that prevnets at least one stand or a rack.


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I have a natural tendency to try to improve things, and modify them to better fit my needs. I've modified cars, bikes, furniture, camping gear, etc. Drums are no exception. I've modified my two kits in all sorts of ways. I can understand a desire to keep rare/vintage gear in the original state, but altering mass produced products shouldn't cause so much anxiety. To each their own, but I find it strange to be so beholden to how the corporate world defines things. Isn't experimentation part of the artistic process? For example:

The Frankenstrat was Eddie Van Halen's attempt to combine the sound of a classic Gibson guitar with the physical attributes and tremolo bar functionality of a Fender Stratocaster. It was made from a Northern Ash Stratocaster body, with pickup routing which he modified to fit a Gibson PAF humbucking pickup in the bridge position. The guitar has a maple neck and fretboard, chrome hardware, and was painted with a black and white striped design until arriving at its final combination of red background with black and white stripes.

How's the "resale value" on that heavily modified instrument, I wonder?