Why don't more people make their own hi-hats?


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I've been thinking about making my own custom pair of hi hats instead of just buying a pair. I was thinking of getting (2) 16" crashes and putting them together. And if I decide I don't like how they go together, it's still nice that I have some extra crashes.

Anyone else do this? Any stories?


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I use a 14" Paiste Alpha Thin Crash over a 14" Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash, because my other pairs are being lent out to some friends - (13" Paiste Traditional Medium Light and 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edges). My 'mixed and matched' pair - although the foot sound is pretty quiet - is a great set of versatile, dynamic hats. They also only cost me about $20. I also took an old 16" Sabian B8 Medium Crash that I patina-ed with vinegar and salt, and put it under my friends 16" Sabian B8 Thin Crash, for about the same price. Amazing hi-hats! I think crashes can absolutely make some of the best hi-hats. There's great combos, and horrible combos. One of the few advantages IMHO of buying actual hi-hats for use, is that you know the top and bottom are already paired to make a good sound. If you want to use crashes, try before you buy! Have fun experimenting. Also...