Why do you Play?


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In my case it’s like this:
- I love the friendship and socializing in a band and with musicians in general
- I love to perform for a crowd
- I love to challenge myself and make a song happen right there on the spot. I play a lot in a jam band.
- I love the equipment and sound side, good drums, cymbals and Pa. Getting a good band mix for the audience.

I don’t care about chops and don’t practice as much as I should. But that’s me.



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Oh yeah:

- They also give me an outlet to be completely self absorbed

- Its instant gratification. You hit the drum, it makes a noise. That never gets old

- Drums are like guns (which I like also). There is a mountain of power in that little cylinder. Harnessing then commanding it, there is no bigger sense of self when you tell it what to do

- Drums are cool. Why wouldnt anyone want to play them?


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Purely play for the love of playing drums and collecting gear.

I’m naturally talented at nothing. So playing drums for me is something that challenges me every day and I’ve been playing for years.

I feel every one should be into something that makes their brain (and body ) work

Lately I’ve really been dedicated to practicing and not just playing. It’s sounds nutty, but I take a high dosage of CBD oil and sit down and have the most focused practice sessions I’ve ever had and actually see progress the next day.

If they said that being in a band was banned or so were gigs, it wouldn’t mean much to me, I’d still be doing what I’m doing.


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I love to make music, play with others, get to the point when everything just seem to float and the band is a constant force, see how far it can take us. Also love the equipment part of it, looking at new parts, buying and incorporating new stuff into my setup. Have been playing so long as I can remember, so I wouldn't quit unless I had to because of health issues or something. It's just one of the biggest aspects of my life, and one I feel I master adequately (at least so good as I've never been kicked out of a band, rather bands asked me to join, or they started growing after I joined. Sorry if I seem too full of myself for saying that, but just speaking the truth here, I feel I have something to bring to the table at least, not wasting my (or other peoples) time). I couldn't care less about partying after the gig however, I'm kinda weird about that, but with a wife and a kid at home, the focus has changed to mainly the playing part. So I don't really need all the fuss after a gig, having conversations with strangers about how good/bad we sounded, etc... But the feeling of being a team that makes (at least to us) good music, it's a special kind of happiness I wouldn't be without.


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For the more esoteric among you, many native nations believe that the drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Drumming is a sort of spiritual reconnection to the first beat we all hear before we are even born, the beating of our mother’s’ hearts.


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Simply because I enjoy playing the drums. I have no musical or artistic or spiritual agenda to go with that - I just like playing. So I enjoy every song I play, even the dreaded Mustang Sally and Brown Eyed Girl!

I'm especially grateful that I make my living playing, and I enjoy the things that come with having some exposure. But that's not why I play, or even why I started playing.

I just like playing. It makes me feel good.