Why do people treat their drums so badly?

Super Phil

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I've been playing a long time and have never changed a resonant head or oiled a tension rod. I would if it was needed, though.
I don't take meticulous care of my drums, but i don't abuse them either.
Of course, I'd much rather see someone who takes very good care of their stuff as opposed to someone who neglects their gear.
Oh yes....got skb hard cases when i bought my StarClassics, and i always use them. Worth their weight in gold!


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As amusing as watching the idiots spend 5 minutes finding the nearest parking space to the gym? -erm-
It's a never ending source of amusement and disbelief....bewilderment. The whole process is so unnecessary....we park as far as possible, walk, save the dings, the hassle....and we still have plenty of time left to shop, or whatever.


I stopped using cases for local gigs years ago, and my 13 year old DW set looks just a tad worse for wear than it did when I bought them new in 2001. I have cracking of the wrap in a couple of spots, but that's what happens after awhile. It's nobody's fault. I have driven Subarus for years with a back hatch, so it's easy in and out. No worries. The drums still look very presentable.

Abuse is doing a Keith Moon on them or making stupid mods and doing the job wrong.


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I look after my gear, but if you are buying second hand stuff, dont complain. Its probably cheaper because its not in good nick. If you have seen the kit and dont like the fact its in poor condition, dont buy it.

Yeah my point was why people treat gear badly. I don't know the history but come on, someone spits soda on your kit from laughing at your skills, you're gonna wipe it off. Or of the resonant head has 3 gouges in it and is dead as nails, you're gonna replace it. Yeah of course the kit was cheap! That's why I got it. Sometimes you dont have time to inspect everything minutely when you are in a crowded guitar center while you are making a quick deal. Then you strip it and find surprises later. Like a college buddy urinated on the kick drum (ad lib).

But unless its a $200 kit brand new (this one was more like $900 brand new) why trash it? Grr.


My drums get banged up pretty regularly. I can't afford cases at the moment. I don't sweat it though. They still play fine. I've always loved seeing instruments with battle scars.


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I think many people just don't know and don't care about drum maintenance. They buy them, demo them, whatever, and just beat the ever-living **** out of them, only to decide they don't enjoy it.

Compared to a guitar, giving a drum set a good working over can seem like a daunting task. With a guitar, you just give it a good wipe down with a little polish and you're done. Changing strings is much easier and faster as well. I own both drums and guitars, and although I love my drums more than my guitars, it's much easier to give my guitars a cleaning and maintenance than the drums.


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I am 44 years old and was brought up to respect the things you have, they may not be a lot, but you take care of them. I do not want to have to buy the same thing twice because I did not take care of it. Now when you are playing gigs you do not have control over the guy who vomits on your kick drum or the idiot who spills beer on a cymbal, you just have to get them home and do your best to fix the damage. I still own every drumkit and every cymbal I have ever bought since 1985.

The kit I use to play gigs is a 1992 Pearl Export with basically Paiste Alpha cymbals. Sure it is beat up and the wrapping is coming off, but they still sound good in a bar. At home I have more expensive equipment, but this is for me. Now, if I got offered a gig in front of 80,000 people I would break out the Vistalites and 2002's.


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I have two kits one I keep in cases the other kit is my Beater kit as I like to call it. It sounds good but I bought it so I could take it places and not worry about it. I do make sure it sounds good and I replace the heads. However when I bought it the wrap as warped so I took it off and stained the sub par shells. It came out great but it gets scratched a lot. there are a few gouges as well. Next time around I may give it a nice wrap. However with my snares and cymbals. The snares get wiped down after I play them every time and the cymbals get put straight in the bag I also protect them as much as possible. they have only been knocked down a few times and luckily always on carpet. I understand the OP's point though. I think their are different drums for different people. If I bought my "beater" kit brand new even though it is not an expensive kit you better believe it would still be in great condition. Even though I probably would not have bought it brand new which is why I have it.