Why do KCustom Special Dry Rides all look so different?


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I put this in the cymbal cleaning thread but realized that doesn't get much traffic so I wanted to drop it here too.

Can anyone comment on why there is such a huge variation in color and texture in KC Special Dry Rides? I have one (and love it) and it looks like this one, it's dark brown in color and dull in brilliance:


However, I often see other pics of KC Special Dry Rides that look like this:


Still others have an almost blue/gray color to them and also look polished. Are people polishing these or what? Why such a huge variation in colors, finish and shine to this cymbal? Any KC Special Dry owners want to weigh in? Do you clean yours, did it come shiny or dull or what?

I know you aren't supposed to clean raw finished cymbals but some look like they've been polished.


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I've found a few things online that say the K Custom Special Dry rides are finished by hand and as a result, there is a lot of variation in color and finishes. So that seems to be the answer.

Still, I'm just curious what other people's KCSD rides look like? Anyone care to post a pic if you own this cymbal?


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I think you're just seeing model changes over years of production. I've noticed the same thing in regular K "dark" models. The newer ones looks completely different than the older production, and they sound nothing like each other.



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That's probably the reason.

here is mine for reference

I'm interested to see what others' KCSDRs look like