Why custom drums are sometimes hard to sell...


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Well Tommy, that drum den in the upper tower is just classy.

I'm glad those million dollar gigs are finally starting to pay off.

You got a hitch on that bentley ? I got me some stuff to offload at the dump if you be so kind.


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Just looks like a typical jellybean kit. If you're into weirdness, then pull the trigger on that baby!
I'm the type of drummer to play weird shit like that just to irritate people. My guitar player is a real traditional, no frills guy & when I show up with something weird in the drum dept. he gets all irritated. Thinks the audience will judge us based on what we're playing over how.

So naturally, I started building sets with just enough weird to keep him on his toes, but I'd play in a very pleasing way so it all balances out. =-D


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The Bentley won’t be ideal either for a 24x20” !!
Just found a Dw Collector, nice sizes plus snare, sparkle grey, nice but : with red flames all over !!