Whta heads withstand brushes the best?


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I am totally destroying the Evans G2 head one my snare with my brushes.

What usually makes a head that can withstand brush use?


How the coating is made?

brush technique? (I believe mine is at the decently good level)


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Coating is sprayed onto the head like paint.
All coating will wear off during use.
It cant be helped.
Evans heads have a very durable coating.


For most brush work I usually use either an Evans G1 coated or a Remo coated Ambassador. They both hold up pretty well, but I would give the edge to the Evans head. Evans also has a head they call a J1 Etched snare batter head, but I have yet to try them, but I will.



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Not Remo according to many. I prefer Aquarian. They have heads like the Jack DeJohnette with a thickened coating, I think the coating may be different on the Modern Vintage as well compared to a standard Texture Coated. The best thing to do it to just buy a head that you like the sound of, and try that out.


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Evans J1 Etched. no coating, it is an etched mylar. Plays straight from the box. Responds very well with sticks. Is Beautiful with brushes.


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Another vote for Aquarian. The single ply Satin Texture coated head will take you some real time to wear down. I've used the DeJohnette and Modern Vintage as well on snare batters and they have all been extremely resilient and long lasting.

I usually change these heads 'just because it's time' as opposed to losing brush playability.



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I've never had a problem with Remo Coated heads, i guess i'm lucky. Fiberskyns are also an option but you may not like them as much as a coated head when using brushes.

The Aquarian coated heads are awsome! I have a Texture Coated head on a snare right now and love it!


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Yet another vote for Aquarian.

I primarily use the Modern Vintage head and my current head which is about 6 months old is holding up nicely. It has the black brush marks on the head but the coating is still intact In fact, I've never worn off the coating of any Aquarian head...with sticks or brushes.