Who's unique and has cash... and, space?


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Craigslist ad- no affiliation with item or seller.

Vintage North super set

2- 6" toms
2-8" toms
3-10" toms
3-12" toms
2-14" toms
2-22" bass
14x5 Ludwig vintage 70's chrome snare

North rack and Gibraltar rack

Cymbals are Zildjian and Sabian in good condition

Cymbal stands are all Tama double brace.

Bright red North drum set...True collectors item..Drums have not been made since 1975...These are the first generation, hand laid fiberglass made in Italy and are in exceptional condition for their age. I have had the kit since 1986. they have never been hauled around or abused in any way other than playing them...Everything is in very good condition..You will never find a kit like this ANYWHERE!!! there are enough drums to make 2 kits if wanted, minus a second snare. ( all other North drums are injection molded plastic and are not the same at all)



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The seller's North history seems a little off... the Italian-made drums were polystyrene and made after the fiberglass drums.

But wow, that's a lot of drums. Looks like they would clean up nice.

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I have never enjoyed the actual tone quality of those. I don’t know if it’s the shell material or the shape of the drum that gives it that sound.


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First you gotta know how to set 'em up. Floor toms to the left are facing the wrong direction. "Horns" are supposed to face out, not in toward the throne. Actually the set looks like the one Bozzio got for his 2nd birthday!!! LOL


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That's too many drums for me. I'm just not that good. I can't play the 7 piece I already have. I'll pass.


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Personally, I think they look interesting, and possibly solve the issue of projection requiring a shield- the shield is built in, so, minimal projection.

Ever since I saw them at the 2012 NAMM show, I’ve always wanted a kit. They went inactive, but I believe you cAn still contact them to have a kit made.



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I think the bass drum does...

Those are pretty cool. Did you get a chance to play them? Can't tell in video but do they have open bottoms?


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While I like that idea, that would either require head changes, or the most unpleasant head changes ever and a stinky drum kit.
That, and 1 gallon of water weighs 8lb. 1 cubic foot holds roughly 5 gallons. That's about a 40lb. 12" rack tom. Who wants to deal with that, and will the hardware be able to hold it?


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What are they asking for the North kit? And where is it located?

Asking for a friend. ;)