Who's in their prime?


This thought came to me after seeing TOP this past weekend. Who are the drummers/artists/bands out there right now that in 20 years we'll be wishing we had gone to see in their prime? I would submit Tommy Igoe and the Birdland Big Band would be a must see.

On a related note, are people like Vinnie just as good as they ever were or do they lose some of their drive to break new ground from having been so involved in the scene for so long?


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My favorite current drummer that no one has heard of is Scott Devours. He's currently playing for Roger Daltrey and is just fabulous. One of my favorite things about Scott is that he seems like he's just this normal guy who can't believe his great success and loves every minute of playing for Daltrey and that love and sense of fun comes through in his playing and when you watch him. Not to mention, hes just frickin talented. I couldn't find a good quality vid of him on the Tommy Tour this year but here's a quick 30 second shot he made of himself.

Seeing him live on the Clapton/Daltrey tour a couple of years ago was what inspired me to actually get serious about taking lessons.