Whole Lotta Love (The COMPLETE and EXTENDED Isolated Drum Track)

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not everyone can place notes where he places them......you can't really learn that stuff...you are born with that ...it's just the way your limbs fall
Hmmm, maybe, but it was also what he listened to. As a boy and youth he'd been well into Krupa and Rich and the like as well as jazz drummers like Max Roach. In the later 60s and 70s he was massively into the Motown drummers and Al Jackson. My drum teacher met him a couple of times.

Basically, as far as I can see, he was a rock drummer but made that music using influences from jazz, soul, funk etc


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Now what chance someone can find the "Holy Grail"?

When The Levee Breaks......the dry track.....the stairwell take, recorded with just the two mics......before it was run through Page's echo effects unit.

That one I'd pay money to hear.


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Fantastic! I like finding gems like this; it really adds to my understanding of his talent and creativity.