who want to help figure out this solo?


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Sorry I couldn't get past the leather pants and the riff being repeated over n over again. Tribute Zep bands are one thing by relatives who know how to duplicate but lil kids trying to sound like a band thats been gone a long time doesn't cut it. Just do whatever he does..............fake it! Sorry, Doc
just in a bad mood youngman didn't mean to take it out on you! sorry again
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Thanks, always wondered what Gary Moore was directly refverring to in the song Led Clones. He mimics the guitar riff, the lyrics go "I heard them onthe radio, I saw their crummy video, I dont think I cant take no more, Led Clones" LMAO

Even though they are Zep rip off artists, I do like them.
Didn't know they looked like such extreme posers though.

I think the drum fill is RL on kick played like a flam into RL on hands, smell arm pit repeat