Who Signed This Drumstick?


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I have an autographed drumstick. But, I don't remember the drummer or the band that signed it. Is there anyway of finding out who did or does someone out there know?

I've been trying to search through pictures of autographs of drummers that I have seen live and I've yet to have any luck.

It is a Vic Firth drumstick if that helps. The autograph is printed on the stick and then also signed in marker underneath the print.

If you know, please help!
Thanks! :]



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If it's an official signtaure stick, you can check vicfirth.com. But they also make sig sticks for endorsers that aren't available for sale (like mine, and no, that one's not mine.)



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Anton is indeed a Vic Firth endorser, but it's not his signature stick.



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Aaron Spears before he got a mass produced sig. stick? I have no idea...

Pasting the image into a google search brought back no results but this thread.


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Who ever must no longer be with Vic. I looked at the entire web site and did not se it.


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My guess would be be

Atom Willard of Angles and Airwaves (among other bands)
Adrian Ost of Powerman_5000

But neither of them are with Vic Firth, although it's possible they used to be.