Who Really Broke up The Beatles


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It's an old story, actually. John announced he was leaving but they were all instructed to keep quiet due to ongoing business deals in progress. Paul broke his silence. He was, according to Ringo, becoming "too producery" with everyone in the recording sessions. John (and Yoko} were using Heroin and felt that they no longer needed to communicate with words. !


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It was a govt conspiracy. Yoko Oh-no is a brainwashed robot working for MI6 tasked with destroying the hippie peace movement. Politicians didnt know how to handle all the peace movements during the heart of the cold war. The Beatles were directly affecting the popular opinion of world politics and this horrified the main players. Basically the Beatles were bad for business and needed to be stopped.

Pretty smart using a hippie, acting as such, to destroy other hippies using their own message: LOVE.


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There's a few reasons

* Epstein dying in 1967
* Apple Corp
* Alan Klein
* Bringing the missus into the studio - This can break up your band too!
* Massive egos

Pity, Abbey Road was a glimpse of what could've been. IMHO it was an album light years ahead of anything.


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And who really broke up the Rolling Stones?
Oh wait....they are STILL going. Now that is a real band.
Musically the Beatles were a revolution but the Stones are a better band.
(runs and hides)