Who is your favorite drummer(s)

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Who is your favorite drummer(s) and what band(s) are they in?

Jeremy Hummel - Breaking Benjamin
John Dolmayan - System of a Down
Steve Jocz - Sum 41
Shannon Hawkins - Godsmack
Tré Cool - Green Day
Eron Bucciarelli - Hawthorne Heights
Rob Bourdon - Linkin Park
Lars Ulrich - Metallica
Neil Peart - Rush
Longineu Parsons III - Yellow Card


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Defenetly Thomas Lang! His DVD is one of the best I've ever seen...
His foot technique is amazing..

Jojo mayer is also killer...of course, he's swiss :)


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my favorite drummers are:

1.stanton moore -galctic
2.david garibaldi -tower of power
3.brian blade -joshua redman


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MKV, I like your choices. I couldn't possibly name all my favorite drummers in one sitting. It depends on who I am listening to and what kind of mood I'm in. But for me it's the classics that withstand the test of time, Drummers such as:

Elvin Jones
Tony Williams
Art Blakey
Mitch Mitchell
Mickey Roker
Tony Williams
Harvey Mason
John Bonham
Buddy Rich
Billy Cobham


That's a classy list Superlow, very classy indeed.


I'm deciding on my list:

Mitch Mitchell
Andy Ward (massively underrated)
Neil Peart
John Bonham
Ginger Baker
Jojo Mayer
Vinnie (The man, the legend)
Steve Gadd (my idol)
Dave Lombardo
Gene Krupa
Buddy Rich
Brad Webb
Dave Weckl...
It goes on and on...


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To be honest...every drummer has inspired me...

i mean you learn most things from the drum-stars but once you notice a mere mortal play something amazing you just want to get closer to that playing so you go back to your Bonham poster (or that of anybody else) and practice under his watchfull gaze.

I once went to see Dave Weckl...he came to my country for two night and a clinic (i have to say i missed the clinic because of school responsibilities) ... after i saw him play, i went home around 1 a.m and i practised...

i must say, i dont practise that much...it seems i need a boost like that every now and then to get back to practising...but i cant expect mr. Weckl to come by every day, now can I?


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i agree with seras...i am inspired by many drummers and utilize their techniques in my own playing. in my early days chad sexton of 311 inspired me...now it is more danny carey of tool. that entire band is just somthing else...very original and very powerful.


Chad Chapin from Tait. Is my biggest influence and favorite drummer. www.taitband.com He is a friend of mine so I get to see him play a lot. Chad was in the July issue of Modern Drummer. Brian Haley who plays for Toby Mac is one of my favorite drummers to. www.tobymac.com

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Some of my favorites are:

John Bonham
Peter Erskine
Dave Weckl
Buddy Rich
Neil Peart
Matt Wilson
Steve Smith
Keith Moon
Ringo Starr

..And many more.


John Bonham
Steve Gadd
David Garibaldi
Chad Smith

....Just to name a few