who is your favorite drummer in the world?

ok I've been getting a lot of responses and would like to add that you can put as many as you like just tell me out of those what would be your favorite


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In no order

Gavin Harrison
Thomas Lang
Buddy Rich
Vinnie Colaiuta
Jeff Porcaro
Benny Greb
Dave Weckl
Simon Philips
Steve Smith
Steve Gadd
Ed Shaughnessy
Dennis Chambers
Bill Bruford
Todd Sucherman
Neil Peart


I would have one if I could find a drummer that can keep it straight without the twiddly bits.....well maybe JR Robinson at a push....James Gadson might do as well.


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A non sarcastic answer:
Adam Deitch
Stanton Moore
Vincent Paul Abbott
Gene Hoglan
Iggor Cavalera
Sheila E
Jean-Paul Gaster
Clyde Stubblefield


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Not a lot of love for the ladies here:love: other than Sheila E.
I will include Cindy Blackman Santana.
Love her signature series Istanbul cymbals.


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It changes and depends on genre...
My instant reaction to that question.. Tony Williams (cantaloupe island alone got him the top spot.. it's just soo good)
On another day it might be Bill Stevenson (easily one of my favorite drummers to listen to.

If you ask me in a rock mood the answer will always be Bill Ward... I get sick of hearing some bands too many times (can't stomach a zep song anymore) But i have never once thought.. man.. i hate hearing this sabbath song again :)