who is your favorite drummer in the world?


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Neil Peart
Joe Morello
Mark Zonder
Phil Ehart
Nicko McBrain
Tim Alexander


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Phillip "Fish" Fisher of Fishbone and sessions, by a mile. Then, in no particular order:

Matt Cameron
Omar Hakim
Vinnie Coliauta
Carlton Barrett
Dave Abbruzzese
Stewart Copeland
John Bonham
Chad Sexton
Carter Beaufort
Chad Smith
Manu Katché
Mitch Mitchell
Will Calhoun

Some regional cats:
Brian Jones of Agents of Good Roots
Nate Brown of Everything ( e: )
Enrique of Follow For Now
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Just to name a few...

Eric Carr (The reason I became interested in drumming)
Ian Paice
Jeff Porcaro
Vinnie Colaiuta
Joe Morello
Jerry Gaskill
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Those on top of my head now, not in that specific order necessarily.

Jack Dejohnette
Roy Haynes
Dave Weckl
Vinnie Colaiuta
Virgil Donati
Paul Motian
Phil Collins
Steve Gadd
Airto Moreira (Return to forever)
Andy Ward (Camel)
Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)


Dave Grohl.

I remember watching Nirvana play on MTV before I was interested in the drums and thinking he looked cool as hell. Now as a drummer, his drumming on the Queens of the Stone Age record Songs for the Deaf is the epitome of rock drumming, and his work is Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, etc, speaks for itself.
I was actually the most impressed with his playing on the Tenacious D stuff.


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All of them. Bonham, Brewer, Bruford, Cobham, Collins, Colaiuta, Elivn, Paice, Porcaro, Purdie, Ringo, etc. It doesn't matter, they're all my favourites.

If I had to pick one? Andy Newmark.