Who is micing unported bass drums?

I always play an unported head. Generally in a live situation, the sound engineer puts the mic about halfway between the center of the head and the edge and about 6" or so from the front of the head.

In a recent recording situation, the engineer put the mic dead center of the front head, but about 5 feet in front of the bass drum. All the other instruments were running direct, so no worry about bleedthrough.
My primary gigging bass drum is a 10” deep X 20” diameter with an unported reso head. I’ve been running a mic on the batter side for a long time now with great results. I’m using a D6 pointed in at the beater, from underneath the snare drum. The super-focused pattern of the D6 rejects snare buzz and it’s easier for me placement-wise to put the desktop mic stand down there.

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Most of my bass drums are un-ported, mainly because I don't think it's necessary for me to cut a hole in the head. A couple of my sets came with ported heads and I haven't changed them yet. When I do, there won't be any holes. I mic the drum outside and get good results.
My 18 x 15 Yamaha is unported, wirh a Sennheiser 602 suspended inside. Cable runs out the vent hole with an XLR tucked under a lug.
Works well, out of sight, and easy to plug into if we need a boost.
Mine is 2inches in the drum towards were the beater hits I have experimented and this position is best for what I want out of it.


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