Who do you think is the best drummer in the world?



Me personally i think Joey from Slipknot is the best drummer in the world or if not Joey Jimmy "The Rev" could be the best drummer.
Whats your opinion?
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munch, munch, slurp...........

Sorry, couldn't resist. We have fans of a lot of different styles on here, so different people probably have different criteria they listen for in a drummer. I like both the guys you mentioned within their styles, but someone who's into country, or small combo jazz, or big band swing would be listening for different attributes than Joey or The Rev (R.I.P.) display. Therefore, you'll probably get some replies that there really can't be a "best" drummer. Personal favorites are cool.

Slightly off topic, I saw Slipknot on the side stage at Ozzfest one year, and it had to be 100 degrees out. They were in full gear. Every member of the band downed a full bottle of water in between every song. I was impressed they made it through the gig without passing out.
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Myself, since I think this is too subjective of a topic.

However, I think Thomas Lang has the most technically perfect approach with hands and feet.


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The real question is, who do you think is the best spammer in the world?

My take is that it is NOT the half-wit trying to spam evening gowns on a drum forum. But, I've been known to be wrong from time to time.

But, I'm gonna have fun sitting back and counting the serious replies to this dribble nonetheless.


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Well as you can see...I'm wearing an evening dress AND I'm a superb drummer so I can only deduce it must be moi, :p.


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Pssht. Everyone know's that it's a tie between Ringo and Peart. I think they should have a drum-off to objectively determine who's the best drummer on the planet (living or dead) once and for all. I think they're both too gentlemanly, though, and probably just want to keep us all guessing anyway.


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Tough choice between Spam or Troll when banning this one...

I chose Spam.

He literally had his 15 minutes of fame though.

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Folks, everyone know the best drummer in the world is Walin Smash.

Bermuda, you can close this thread now. We've figured it out.


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It's obvious Mary has never seen me play the drums, and I also slept in a Holiday Express Hotel last night.


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Three way tie: Jughead Jones of The Archies, Melody of Josie and the Pussycats, and Bingo of The Banana Splits.

Edit: I just thought of something: I wonder if all three of those are actually Hal Blaine?
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Is this serious? It doesn't look like it is, but if it were serious there could be no doubt about it. The best drummer in the world is Buddy Rich. And I'll tell you something, I've fought against that idea for the better part of my life, but I finally had to face facts.

Buddy Rich is the best drummer in the world.

If it wasn't serious then my choice would have the be the two-bass drummer in the yellow-tux trio, the guy who made drumming into a combination of interpretive dance and kung fu. Either him or the guy who plays drums on America Idol, which I only watched once, and that was while I was ill.


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Wait a minute....this is serious?!? Well then, I change my answer.
<------------please refer to my date. HE's definitely the best drummer.


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It's the one living in your head, not the one living in your hands.

Popcorn anyone?