Who can come up with the most creative or interesting music genre?


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I was thinking the other day....

I've heard a lot of weird names for different genres and styles of music...

I'm uber curious to know the most OUTRAGEOUS genre title you guys can come up with, real or fake :)

I'll start it off....

• Post Apocolyptic Death Metal
• Fusion Polka Metal
• Pre Instrumental Fusion Rock

I really wanna know what crazy genre titles you guys can come up with :)

Jacob G.


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I like the term 'Beardcore', because it indeed is a genre, and it sounds funny.

Some people refer to Metalcore with singing, rather than screaming, as Beardcore. What I've always known it as, is pop punk, but with gristled voices, and a 'twinkly' lead guitar (often times, a Telecaster type tone) playing pretty chords over everything.


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Mango Chutney Pop
Double-Fried Bebop
Experimental Calculus Rock
Nu Yogurtcore
Southwestsouthsouthnorthern Ska
Death Ambient
Gargling A Capella
Classic Crunk

(justjames- i appreciate those :) )


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How about

Caped drummer wearing post ,stick dropping metal

Caped drummer knocking over kit metal

Caped drummer mom kit retrieval metal

Caped drummer knocking down girl metal.

Inline skating/skate boarding post mortum metal

Grunge screamo brain tumor pre- stroke metal

Steve B


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Tejanu Grind Raga

Aleatoric Commercial Jingle-Gregorian Chant Fusion

...and possibly my favorite...

Progressive Punk Childrens Tunes (aka - The Damned do Barnies Top Ten)

e.g. "I LOVE YOOOOUUU...YOU LOVE MEEEEEE"...all in 7/4 11/8 alternating phrases...breaking out to simple minor key glockenspiel theme statements.


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Swing Techno
Gangsta Soft Jazz
Post-Neo Classical Skrillex
Glam or Hair Country
Satan's Black Malevolent Cannibal Carcass Angel and the Morbid Hate Corpse Witch from Hell Metal
Speed Gospel


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When that thread started I thought: Oh no, this is so boring...
Admittedly you people have been coming up with quite creative ideas, haha.
Thumbs up!

At some point you should dare to implement those genres in your own music ;-)