Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?


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If you know what I mean...:)

For example, Ringo is not technically great in many ways, but nevertheless he is GREAT. He overcomes whatever skills he may lack with creativity and feel and playing cool licks and playing the right thing for the song, etc etc etc.

Who else do you think is great like that?


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honestly, I would put Bill Ward of Sabbath in this category...and not in a demeaning way, but the first 3 or 4 Sabbath albums had a "lo-fi" quirkiness to their feel, which I think helped define their style, by his sometimes jumpy feel transitioning from beat to fill and vice versa...I love the way they felt...super organic, and like he was just going for it. I think it is real hard to play to those albums and truly cop the vibe there...and he is one of my idols, so again, this is not meant in a derogatory way. I think he got better technically as they went along, but man, much vibe in those first 4


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1).....Dave Clark (dave clark 5). Lousy drummer but what he did made sense for the band and type music they played.
2)..... Whatever the guys name is who played for the Lovin' Spoonful.
3)..... Mickey "creepy Monkee" Dolenz thanks only to public relations.


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Well they can be sloppy or even appear to be playing a different song-like J. Green in Modest Mouse but as long as it all fits with other musicians it's all good. The groove is the mix not just one element with the drummer. Before videos we use to listen to songs to pick out drum parts-now that can be tricky because sometimes what you think is the drummer's groove is someone else's and the drummer is in there in the mix but all the players making the groove work. That's funny with Neil Peart comments he always seemed like two drummers to me-his early playing then later. I liked the early Neil better.


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I can't reconcile the question. If one can be good and lousy at the same thing it creates a circular reference in my head.

It's not good to bash individual drummers, period. I don't mind discussing drumming general tendencies in an objective manner, but to single out a particular player is mean and harmful. No matter how lousy a known drummer may be perceived to be, they are still known. Let's support each other instead of tearing our family down.


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Good point and great advice Larry.

I confess I couldn't reconcile the question either, hence my post above.

Any drummer who crossed the line into any level of professional or personal success is worthy of at least some respect.

No reason why we can't be supportive of one another.


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We are all drum brothers & sisters why are we answering this question or even asking this in a public forum? We should be better then this.


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I think I read the question more like "think of a drummer who has some issues with feel, or continuity"...like technical issues. There are a ton of drummers who are technically proficient that I think are overrated/"bad"...and I don't think it is a bad thing to ask a question that elicits discussion...isn't that what forums are for?

If the question was " list drummers who you think are bad", that would be different


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There are drummers that are on a higher plane (Bill Stewart). Then there are drummers, that are very good (Jeff Ballard), but there skills seem within reach. I read the question as whose drumming skills seem within reach?


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Your Honor, I move that we strike the original question from the record, and restate the inquiry as follows:

"Name a drummer who never ceases to satisfy the needs of the song or delight their audience using a basic approach to drumming-regardless of their personal skill level or chops library."