Who’s Old?

Hollywood Jim

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Happy Birthday to you !!
You made me feel pretty good today; there is actually someone on this forum that is older than I am.



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Happy birthday. I just turned 60 a month ago


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you are only as old as your brain lets you be...so I am 25....but my body feel 50 sometimes

Happy B-day Grunt!!!


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Happy Birthday boss.

Thanks for keeping us in line and giving us a crack across the head when we get mouthy.

I'm 48 this year.......at one point I had the mind of Einstein and the body of Adonis.

Now it's more like the body of Einstein and the mind of Adonis.



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72 means I'm starting my 73 year. 72 are behind me. I told my doctor that if I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. I must say that my joints, back ache at times but oh well. I can say that i way the same as I did in high school. All 3 years combined. Thanks guys for the well wishes. It helps both at my age and at this time in history. Now I have to go take my Geritol. Ouch.


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Happy Birthday GruntersDad I'd buy you a new hammer but I doubt it would beat the one you made. Both you and your hammer are holding up well. I've got two aunts left both in 90's-oldest 96, my Mom made it to 92. I just turned 65 so I lately I figure I may have another thirty years left. Frightening actually-I think I'm wearing out my welcome. It's funny how animals kept in captivity live way, way, way longer than in the wild LOL.