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Any fellow whiskey drinkers on Drummerworld? I enjoy a good glass of whiskey or bourbon after work. (Moderation, of course, is key. Well, most of the time.

I enjoy Crown Royal but, lately, I've been enjoying Rebel Yell. Delicious.

Any recommendations?

Now That's a good song from Billy Idol. :)

Yes I do like to drink a good whisky on the rocks, such as: Macallan, Glenfiddich, Glenn Morangie, The Famous Grouse & the Jameson Irish.

I've been enjoying Rebel Yell.MT
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Many years ago it would be V.O. on the rocks. Alot of V.O. on the rocks! Doc


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I like to take a slug from the bottle about 1/2 hour before before bedtime. I then swizzle it in my mouth and gargle just like brushing teeth - except that I don't spit out the scotch :)

Once it's down the hatch I shudder and feel a spreading warmth from the centre of my body out to my limbs - a bit like the big O. The cheaper and rougher the scotch, the better the effect.

It also clears up gingivitis and mouth ulcers.


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"When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself .... " George Thorogood​


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I like some Maker's Mark.

I really like the Woodford Reserve Bourbon too!

I prefer Bourbon over sour mash whiskeys. Blends are cool but if that's the case then I like the English and Scottish varieties over Canadian blends.

A little wheat makes a whiskey taste great. A bit sweeter.

Try Blanton's if you see it around, good stuff.

Booker's is Beam's undiluted select barrel and is worth every penny. I've only ever had it twice.

I appreciate the craft. A really great bourbon is like the paradiddle. Mandatory in the bar keep skill set.


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glenlivet nadurra is a favourite, very nice price too


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Any tequila.

On the rocks.

No lime.

No salt.

No ceremony.

Any time.


Another Vote for Makers Mark here, on the rocks nice and smooth.

Lately have really enjoyed Vodka..Grey Goose but still like a nip of MM every now and then.


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I'm from Kentucky, I enjoy bourbon. If y'all want to see some great scenery and are around Kentucky check out this page below.

Plus the toours give "FREE" samples!


I perfer Even Williams


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I'm definitely a whisky drinker and have been for as long as I've been drinking.

These days, it's scotch whisky for me. My favorite single malts are the Islay varieties, especially Lagavulin and Laphroaig. Of the blends, I like Johnnie Walker Black Label. I usually drink it neat at home or on-the-rocks at the pub.

In my younger years, it was Jack Daniels. Straight out of the bottle.
You have some good tastes Caddy! so you must try an excellent Venezuelan rum...

I'm more of a rum guy, though. Particularly spiced rum. Mmmm...


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No, I'm a whisky drinker.

Glenfiddich or Macallan when I'm flush. Dewar's White Label or Chivas Regal on a budget.

May I recommend Highland Park 18 to a 'Whisky' drinker. I prefer the Scotch stuff over the Irish personally and Highland Park is made in Orkney. I visited the distillery when I was twelve with my parents.

Not the best Scotch there is but it's certainly up there and one I'm very fond of.