Whiplash! (The Movie)


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The playing not matching up and the movie being fiction are two different things. One is lack of attention to detail, the other is a story made to entertain. One can like a movie and still find irritating details. I didn't like Whiplash because I didn't like the story.

You're grabbing at straws. Is your need to feel superior to everyone so deeply seated that you now have to search through other threads to try and find ammo because you really don't have any effective arguments?

You come across as if you don't like any kind of movies at all and that life must be completely serious all the time. If so, you are missing out on some good stuff.

And I suppose now your gonna tell me to post a video of my playing.


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I don't think i'd like to watch your version of the film thats for sure - the drummer happily practicing having a swell time, no sweat, a nice teacher .... that would be boring as hell.

One of the best thing about the entire movie was the teachers intimidating over the top character and his relationship with the drummer causing him to walk on eggshells, portraying the pressure that he was putting on him, along with his quotes throughout the film. That's what made it!

The movie is exaggerated for entertainment purposes therefore it shouldn't be taken sooo serious.
Nothing wrong with pressure. I mean a lot of college professors act aloof for that reason probably - and also to not show favoritism.

Anyway, it's all fantasy - and it's O.K. for a movie - but a teacher totally devoid of praise - isn't even seen in Marine boot camp.


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If I recall, in one scene the teacher smacks the student. Yeah...the kid should've smashed a cymbal over his head, left school, and went to a late-night jam on the West Side.


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ugh.that movie was awful. In my circles, the people who like that movie were ALL non drummers, and most of the drummers I know thought it was just stupid.
I'm a drummer and like the film. The drumming is not really what the movie is about.
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I think time (time to practice) is really the worst problem for a talented drummer. The yelling instructor doesn't make a difference anyway - cause either the person's motivated - or they're not.