Whiplash (2014)

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Seems a little over dramatic. But I'd watch it.
Way over dramatic, lol. It was the first thing I noticed and it is a bit of a turn off for me. Still looking forward to seeing it though and hopefully this scene makes more sense in the context of the film. :)

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Might just be an indication of my sense if humor but I thought the scene was funny. Its that "overly long gag" trope and over dramatic to a humorous level, like a Monty Python movie of an episode of Louie.

If this was intended to be a serious scene then this movie is really gonna be a piece of crap.


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Might just be an indication of my sense if humor but I thought the scene was funny.
Right there with you brother. Even though I felt for the poor sod......I giggled.......a lot........as in, way more than I should have. Especially when that chair went sailing by his head!! Hilarious. Harsh, but bloody hilarious nonetheless.


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I know it's missing the point, but like the drummer was the only person responsible for time in the room? If that was me back in the day, the meathead would have been pulling a selection of frisbee style delivered cymbals out of his skull.


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Well, that lived up to my expectations. Movie people are out of their minds over this thing, but every single bit of it I've seen is has been just laden with howlingly goofy crap. I wrote a little thing about it, really based on nothing but a Salon piece, a clip, and a photo, so it's probably totally unfair, but maybe an entertaining read.


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Sure, like all stupid questions, it's not an easy one to answer. Why the hell would “we” want to train great drummers? They're not that scarce, and society has no particular value for them, beyond getting them committed to a large amount of student loan debt; nearly all of them have to struggle to stay employed.

Ok. Now that was even funnier than watching the chair fly!!


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I had a jazz bead teacher like this in high school. He kept telling me my tempo was dragging one day. I played a blast beat for about a minute and asked him if that was better. He left me alone after that.


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Yeah that bandleader needs to uncork himself from his own nether regions. There's absolutely NO WAY he can discern if a tune is rushing or dragging in the short amount of time that he gave for comparison.

Not to mention he's damn lucky he can find a drummer that can play in 7/8. As for the chair throw, that young cat would have done good to have been hit by it and injured so he could buy his first house with the settlement dough he would get from not just the teacher but the entire school district.

First rule of making a million bucks playing Jazz- start with two million.

I've actually worked with "that guy" before and it was a "near miss" with his grill and my forehead. Little "Glasgow kiss" would have been well in order there.